Travelling On a Shoestring Budget – How Can You Save Money?

If there’s one thing we all need more of it’s holidays. There’s nothing quite like taking time away from the daily grind and relaxing and de-stressing. However, for many of us, it’s simply not on the budget, and we might not think a break in this country or abroad is possible. Luckily, there are many ways you can travel on a cheap budget and enjoy more time away, and here are a few areas where you can save cash.


Cheap flights are everywhere nowadays, and if you do your research online you can often get amazing deals. Don’t just look at budget airlines, use comparison tools as well, and you might find that some flag carriers work out cheaper once you factor in extras such as luggage.

You can save money on flights by:

  • Only taking hand luggage – check the dimensions online
  • Going out of peak times – i.e. early mornings and late at night
  • Travelling outside of school holidays
  • Using lesser known airlines –check comparison sites
  • Using smaller, regional airports – these can sometimes be cheaper

Spend some time shopping around, and don’t assume that the earlier you book the cheaper it’ll be. Prices often fluctuate, and there are tools online which show when your booking is likely to be cheapest.

Save on extras

From getting to the airport, to transfers at the other side, there are lots of extras involved with travelling. However, it’s easy to find the best deals. Look for cheap airport parking in Melbourne online and you’ll save lots of money compared with rates charged on the day. Using car parks that offer a shuttle bus is usually cheaper than using the official car parks attached to airports. When it comes to transfers at the other end, look for hotels that throw in an airport transfer for free, as this will save you a lot on coach trips.


If you book a package holiday, it often asks if you want insurance, and most people just tick ‘yes’. However, you’re not under any obligation to buy the travel company’s insurance, and it’s not always the best deal. If you go away a lot, consider an annual policy as this can work out cheaper. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions, and make sure whatever insurance you book is adequate to meet your needs.

Going away doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, with the internet as a research tool it’s never been easier to save money. Just shop around, be prepared to make compromises, and take your time to find the best deal. Whether it’s last minute, or you’re booking way in advance, there are always ways to make things cheaper if you’re willing to look around, so everything from your flight to your airport parking could be less expensive. You then have more money in your pocket to enjoy yourself once you get to your destination.