Great American Loopholes at Airports

Have you been looking for Chicago duty free luxuries in an airport? Well, you can’t go wrong with O’hare! That’s where I get all of my duty free luxuries on imported goods. Isn’t America such a wonderful country? Where we can get as many luxuries as we can afford. Most of us can afford quite a bit of them, too. The great thing about airports is that they’re kind of their own self-contained city states to some degree which means you can get tax free deals on all sorts of items. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize this.

You don’t even have to fly in order to get these goods. I do a lot of my shopping for liquor and the like so I’ve been able to get the sort of things that I can’t normally buy in stores due to customs. It’s amazing being able to do that. It’s cheaper than chartering a private jet to fly over to somewhere such as Cuba for cigars. Oh, did you not know you’re able to do that as well? It’s not a secret or anything but to get things such as plants and other goods through Customs you have to use a private jet.

Passengers on private jets don’t have to deal with silly things like Customs Office. You just bring in what you have, pick it up at the jet and go on home. You never flew so there’s no reason for you to have to go through the offices. You don’t have to declare anything at all. It’s a great loop hole that is apparently grudgingly allowed. I’ve been planning on buying some plants from the Dominican Republic for a while now. I want to try to do some home brewing with it. Apparently you can make a stellar rum with honey from there.