A Party Bus to Keep Our Kids Safe

When my twin daughters told me they were both asked to the prom, I knew that it was going to be one of the best nights of their lives up to that point. I knew both of their boyfriends, and they were also planning on going with quite a few of their good friends. In total, there were 10 couples who wanted to go together, so I talked to my husband and all of the other parents about looking into a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto to make their special night even more memorable.

As far as I knew, none of them had ever been in a regular limo let alone a party bus, so it was going to be a night to remember for quite some time. I do admit that I had ulterior motives as well. I wanted them to get to the prom safely, which meant having a designated driver. Since so many wanted to go together, I was worried that they might try to fit too many in different vehicles, which would be a major distraction for all of them. I would rather have a professional driver taking them so they would be able to focus on just having fun.

Thankfully, the other parents were all in agreement, and I offered to get a quote. I knew that it all depended on the price since proms can be quite expensive even without a limo bus. Since there were 20 kids going, we were able to split the price up 20 different ways. Some, like me, had to pay for two portions, but even that was not as much as I thought it would be. The kids were all surprised when we told them, and their happiness alone made it all worth it. They had a blast that night, and I know a good bit of it was because of the party bus before and after the prom!