A Party Bus is More Than Comfortable to Transport Corporate Employees to Training Sessions

The CEO wanted a stretch limo to take the 10 of us to a training session every day for a week. I saw an advertisement from a limo company online inviting customers to visite our site for the best limos and party buses. I had heard of party buses, but I never saw the inside of one until I visited the limo company’s website. I had to take a ride out to the limousine company to get an in-person look for myself. I sat in three or four limos before seeing the inside of the first party bus. I had to at least make a comparison. The CEO said he wanted a stretch limo, but I took that to mean he just wanted us to travel in style. He is like that with us. He gives us a lot of respect and does his best to treat us well.

Though I am not an executive, I made an executive decision to go ahead and rent the party bus after seeing the inside. They are so much more comfortable than regular limos. You can get in and out of them really easy. None of us would have to stoop and crawl to get in and out. The first few passengers going in any stretch limo have to crawl along the seats the farthest. There is no way to do that with any style when you are wearing office attire. I cannot imagine it is comfortable in tuxes or wedding gowns either. The party bus has steps and you can stand up inside them. You can get up while on the road and move to another seat. We would not be needing the dance pole. At least I hoped not. Anyway, I got an interesting look from the CEO when he saw the party bus pull up to pick us up on Monday. Then, after the ride to the training center, he told me I made a great decision.